Thursday, December 31, 2009

The First Day of 2010

Last evening, I was trying to come up with an entry for "The Last Day of 2009", reflecting on 2009.  I had typed paragraphs and paragraphs to find myself deleting them... Maybe it's because I'm not proud of what I have done or not done & achieve...

In terms of my career, I have not finished strong, having the 2nd half of the year off. ( I have disappointed and failed miserably with all the expectations. Even at home, I didn't manage to achieve anything much during my leave... It's like I've wasted 6 months doing nothing...

But reminding myself that life's good and that I should always look at the bright side of life...
I have had a good rest. I have a new hobby- I have enjoyed playing around in the kitchen, cooking up a storm, baking & decorating cakes. I have spend a lot of time with Jerome (almost 24X7).

Today is a new start- a new day, a new year! I must start with a positive note! 2010 will be a better year! A year of breakthroughs! This is my new promise... Let me not lose sight of what really matters, keeping my focus, keeping my eye on the goal, striking a balance.

Have a joyous 2010!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

5 Years of Marriage

Jerome & I just celebrated our 5th year of marriage over the weekend. We had our ROM way back on 19 Dec 2004 and held our Chinese Customary Cum Wedding Dinner on 18 Dec 2006. So officially, we have been married for 5 years & known each other for slightly more than 6 years! Can't believe how time has passed! Usually, during this time of the year, we would have gone travelling overseas like an annual honeymoon to celebrate our anniversary. This year, due to my minor surgery, we had gone travelling a little earlier.

So we'e been together for over 6 years now and married and living together for 5 years. Jerome has definitely brought out the best in me and I hope that I've done the same for him. He has been a positive influence in my life, encouraging me to do whatever I like (well... most of the time). In the beginning of our relationship, I felt that he's like my father... :P He has more rules for me than my father (for that matter, my father didn't seem to set any rules). I didn't have a curfew until I met Jerome! He even 'disallow' me going to karaoke with my friends!

Jerome is a really social & vocal person, making friends easily. I'm usually the quiet one, taking some time to warm up. He was a businessman and got to meet many people. I'm a school teacher and my friends are quite limited to those I know in school. It's amazing sometimes to wonder how we ended up together in the first place... :)

Anyway, Jerome is my pillar of strength & I'm his sunshine :) To my dear husband, let's continue walking hand in hand to many more great years of love as we grow old together... Remembering our wedding wows... Love, comfort, honour and keep each other in sickness and in health and forsaking others, be faithful, so long as we both live...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ah Q's Spirit- 阿Q精神

Was feeling down for a couple of reasons. People deal with stress, negative thoughts & energies differently. Some people go for a run, a swim, meet with friends, have a beer, dance the night away, eat, shop, etc. Whenever I feel down, I try simply to think more optimistically and bake something. (Er... but that doesn't mean that I feel down whenever I bake. I just like to bake.)

I try to thinking more positively, simply telling myself to be contented as things could be worse, much worse. So things are really not as bad as they seem. It's not a big problem. It's no big deal. Life's not perfect, but it's still good! Think this is also the reason why I started this blog- to remind myself to stay contented as life's indeed good!

I had a surgery to remove my sinus tract infection on my cheek. I was worried about the scarring. Told myself at least it's not life threatening, not a tumour or something. I already had a scar before, I can cover it under some powder. It's not that bad. It's really not a big deal. 

Have been trying to conceive for quite some time now, but with no results. It's okay, I am still enjoying life without children. We can travel freely. I would honestly rather be child-free than than have a child born with special needs. I salute parents with children born with special needs. 

Was telling Jerome that although I seem 'bo chap' (not bothered) about certain situations,  I have my own coping strategies that have helped me well. My strategy of 'staying positive' is what he referred as the "阿Q精神 (AH Q's Spirit)'. When you can't have it, just think positively to make yourself feel better -it's really self-delusion. (eg. When Jerome was young, he wanted to have a holiday. His mother said that he is fortunate enough to have left the country. There are many others who do not have a chance.)  On the flip side, there's a danger of not progressing, since one is easily contented. To me, it's like a paradox, a balance has to be strike. If there's a situation that you really cannot change, then adopting the "Ah Q's Spirit' of thinking positively will definitely make life a lot easier & happier. It's definitely the path of least resistance. Why dwell in unhappiness if you can change your attitude and mindset a little and be happy instead? 

Did a little research on the net & found the following about the Ah Q's Spirit:
Ah Q is a character in a novel written by Lu Xun. "The life Ah Q lives in his mind as opposed to his life which is reality, remind me of certain tendencies in my own life to spend a little mental power and beautifying an otherwise ugly outlook." According to the Wikipedia,  the "spirit of Ah Q" (阿Q精神)(A Q jingshen) is now commonly used as a term of mockery to describe anybody who chooses not to face up to reality and deceives himself into believing he is successful or that he has unjustified beliefs of superiority over others.

Hmm... Do I have "Ah Q's Spirit"? Whatever it is, I'm just trying to think positively... 

And remember Nick, the Australian guy born without arms & legs? If he can be happy, so can we!
I like what my sister said in her blog, "If you are unhappy, you are wasting time you could be happy instead. Rather be happy than unhappy."

Always Think of the Bright Side of Life by Monty Python
So dance like noone's watching...

"The truth is, there's no better time to be happy than right now.
If not now ... when?

Your life will always be filled with challenges. 
It's best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway."

After all that's being said, you can always strive for the best! 
Life's good and it can definitely be better!

It's good!

A friend forwarded this through e-mail. It is good! It is good!
Whatever you have or don't, be contented...
Keep an open mind...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bitten by The Travel Bug

I must confess that I used to be addicted to travelling ever since I was bitten by the travel bug. I've always like to travel to other countries during the holidays ever since my first trip to Europe with my friends after my graduation in 1999. My parents allowed me to go on the trip provided we were going with a tour group, but not backpacking. Before that trip, the only other country that I visited was Malaysia. But then again, I am a Malaysian staying in Singapore. I am born in Butterworth, Malaysia, but have been staying in Singapore with my family as far as I could remember. When I was young, during the school holidays and the Chinese New Year, my family would always drive back to Malaysia to visit my grandparents and relatives.

The world is so huge and there is so much to see, do and explore. After my trip to Europe, I promised myself that I will go travelling to other countries at least twice a year- during the June & December holidays. A short 1-week trip in June and a longer 2-3weeks trip in December. I was able to keep that promise until I became 'attached' (as in having a boyfriend) and then getting married...

Anyway, I was trying hard to recall my travels so far and remembered that I used to have my own travel pages on Virtual Tourist ( that I have not visited in years. So went looking for it and was glad to find that everything's still there after all these years :) So this is another pro of sharing on-line. You'll not lose your photographs and data (at least that has not happen yet). You don't have to crack your brain to recall some locked up memories. So here's me writing about my travels again before I suffer more memory losses, become busy and come up with other excuses... Will write up more in detail regarding the trips and post some pictures next week :) This will serve like a Contents/ Summary Page.

Since 1999, (& glad that we have all survived the Millienium Bug)
The Travel Bug has taken me to ...

June 1999 - 21 days Europe (cities include Frankfurt, Lucerne, Innsbruck, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Vatican City, Venice, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Nice, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam & London) Getting a glimspe & getting hooked. Not enough time! So definitely will be back for more!
June 2000- 8 days Hong Kong & Shen Zhen (with Uni friends)
June 2001- 3 weeks in Melborne & Tasmania, Australia (with Jane and Pauline)
Dec 2001- 13 days in Spain & Portugal (with Hui Yi & Jennifer)
9-14 June 2002 (6 days) Hong Kong & Shenzhen (with family)
5-12 Dec 2002 (8 days) South Korea and Japan Disney Land (with Yili)
December 2003 Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia (1st trip with Jerome)
16-20 June 2004 BeiJing, China 
Dec 2006- 2 weeks Switzerland & Italy (Honeymoon trip)
Between 2005 to 2008- short getaways to:
                                      - Bintan, Indonesia
                                      - Pulau Tioman, Malaysia
                                      - Malacca, Malaysia
                                      - Genting Highlands, Malaysia
                                      - Penang, Malaysia
                                      - Hat Yat, Thailand
Dec 2008- 5 days Hong Kong
June 2009- 5 days Perth, Australia
27Nov to 1Dec 2009- 5 days Bangkok, Thailand
17th to 20th July 2010- Phuket, Thailand
19th-27th Sept 2010- Zhangjiajie, China (with parents)
Dec 26 2010 - to Jan 2 2011 Penang & Hat Yai (with Jerome & parents)

* Clicking on the links will bring you to my travel pages on Virtual Tourist.

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's My Birthday!

Hmm... How time flies... Another year is gone... I'm older by another year...
Have enjoyed these few months away from work...
Really hope to get another kind of promotion soon...

P/S Look at the pic of me as a kid, think my hairstyle hasn't change much after all these years :P
Guess I'm still very much a little girl :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fwd: The Divorce Papers

FW: 那、那張離婚協議書……‏


我會幫他打點上班 的衣物,什麼襯衫配什麼領帶,經過我的審美才准他穿上身。起了床到餐桌上,為了他的健康,我每天變換不同花樣的早餐,晴朗的天可能是培根蛋加上烤土司,有些下雨的話,或許來點小米粥搭醬瓜鹹蛋,要是陰天,不如就吃些外頭的燒餅油條和豆漿,招式用到我變不出新把戲,可是我樂此不疲。







因此,洗手台上Hello Kitty和小叮噹圖樣,漱口杯左右對峙,小叮噹的杯裡插著一支綠色牙刷,是我的,Hello Kitty則是空的,因為他前一陣子已改用電動牙刷,擺在架子上。

















記得那時,他還興沖沖的帶我到醫院探視一名女性朋友,她剛生完一個四千兩百公克的巨嬰,神色萎糜的躺在病床上。 我忘不了他隔著一塊玻璃看新生娃娃時,眼中綻放的神采,可是我更忘不了,那位女性朋友用著虛弱的語氣告訴我, 她整整痛了一天一夜,才求醫生由自然產改為剖腹產,我更不敢生小孩了。

五年後的今天,他似乎已經放棄生小孩這回事,畢竟只有他一頭熱是沒用的。 可是,待在他上班之後空洞的房子裡,我突然覺得生個孩子也不錯,至少屋子裡會熱鬧點,我的寂寞,也會少一點。

他早就在數年前就開始用保險套了,我不清楚是什麼讓他改變心意,不過這也鬆了我一口氣,我對避孕藥似乎過敏,不論換什麼牌子最後都落得一個水腫的下場。 我猜他六百多度的近視加閃光,應該看不出我水腫前和水腫後有什不一樣,重點是他的保險套解決了我一個大麻煩,同時又帶來另一個新煩惱。

我現在想要一個孩子了,他卻似乎不想,我不知怎麼跟他開口,更別提他頻繁的加班,晚上常累得倒頭就睡,如果我再開這個口,似乎變相增加他的壓力。 兩個人之間,已經夠低潮了,不需要再增加一個會引起衝突的話題。


有時候,他帶著我坐渡輪到對岸的八里,那裡熱鬧的只有一條路,賣的全是孔雀蛤,兩個人可以吃掉一大盤,還覺得意猶未盡。他也會和我騎雙人腳踏車沿著淡水老街騎到淡海,再由淡海騎回來,沿路的風景不算十分迷人,但有種質樸的味道,兼之海風鹹鹹的打在臉上,我很享受這種氣氛。 當然,坐在腳踏車後座的我三天打漁兩天曬網,心情好的時候才踩兩下,他明知我偷懶,還是賣力的踩,我很懷念,真的即使過了五年,那段回憶仍然歷歷在目。

婚後到淡水的次數,除了新婚那一陣子,幾乎屈指可數,近兩、三年更是一次都沒去過。 每到假日,他不到中午不會起床,我見他這麼疲倦,當然也不會煩他帶我到處走走。

假日照理說,我和他應該可以有些交集可是他累,我只能自己找事做,和在上班工作的朋友出門逛逛街,聊聊是非,也順便埋怨一下他。 至於在家睡覺的他,午、晚飯,自己解決吧!

他不知道,在前幾個月,我耐不住無聊,自個兒坐捷運到了淡水。果然,太久沒有去了,那裡已經變成一個我完全不認識的地方, 河堤旁的小吃攤不見了,全部集中在捷運站附近,過去我和他看夕陽的地方整修成一條長堤,僅供散步,路面變得乾淨整潔固然是好,但是收藏著我和他美好記憶的地方,消失了。

沒有他的帶路,我找不到道地的海產店,找不到好吃的小吃,自己一個人也騎不了雙人單車,但我驚訝的發現,淡水多了一個漁人碼頭,可以坐公車過去。 漁人碼頭,他的腳步沒有踏上過,我先了他一步,這是沒有他,只有我的經驗。


某個早上,我特地比他早起,煮了頓睽違已久的豐盛早餐給他。 然後,沒有第三者,沒有爭吵.我遞出了離婚協議書。

那是我第一次看到他那麼震驚的表情,如果那天是愚人節,我想我成功了。 可是,我不會開那般惡劣的玩笑,他知道我是認真的,他沒有像一般男人一樣,暴跳如雷,開始數落女方的罪狀,也沒有哭哭啼啼,跪下哀求我留下,他只是極力冷靜自己的心緒,默不吭聲的接下協議書,開門,上班,一如往常。


我有些後悔,這後悔逐漸蔓延,以心臟為一個起點,通傳至我的頭頂及腳趾。 但後悔又如何呢? 不快刀斬亂麻,也只是拖著一個平淡如水的日子,兩個人乾耗。


嫁給他之前,我就知道他沈默寡言,嫁給他之後,自以為能改變他的我,並沒有改變他多少。 我的愛,還不足以改變他,他的愛,亦不足以為我改變,這大概是關鍵所在。 柴米油鹽醬醋茶會摧毀愛情的甜蜜,我嚐到了,但這卻是用五年換來的教訓。 趁現在,沒有孩子,沒有牽絆,我也不貪圖他什麼,該是離婚最好的時機吧!

抖著手在離婚協議書上簽下名的我,交給他之後他出去幾個小時了,我仍然在發抖, 這是一種未知的惶恐,我等他給我一個結果。

他冷淡了我五年後,又凌遲了我七天。 從離婚協議書交到他手上之後,整整一個星期,他不與我說一句話,也睡了七天的沙發,每天仍然照常上下班,除了更加冷淡,我感覺不到他的喜怒哀樂。 那張協議書,就算扔到垃圾筒裡,還會有觸動垃圾袋的聲音,可是他,一點聲音也沒有,我懷疑他根本不當一回事,一段時間不理會我,只是在看我會不會自己忘了離婚這回事。


然而,七天之後的他,結結實實嚇了我一跳,一早,我聽到他在客廳起床的聲音,隔著門板聽不真切,我卻一直等不到他出去上班的關門聲。 一陣乒乒乓乓的金屬撞擊,取代了他一向安安靜靜的作息,我終於按捺不住起身察看,卻在開門後,聞到了一陣食物的香氣。



他還是那麼輕易的,可以撩動我的心,我不清楚他怎麼可以混到九點、十點還不去上班,他接收到我的疑惑,也只是淡然一笑,身上簡單的服裝一點兒上班的氣息都沒有。 可能他,也有工作疲乏吧!也可能他要宣判了,關於那張離婚協議書,看他神色自若的樣子,我默默吃著早餐,幻想著等一下他會說的話。

他會不會乾脆的就離婚了呢?還是在我面前撕了協議書呢? 不可否認的,我的心,傾向後者。





「工作安頓好,我才能給妳安定的家。」 他像在解釋我的疑惑。

「所以,告訴我為什麼要離婚呢?」 他終於問了,臉色變得嚴肅。






而擺在盥洗室的漱口杯,他根本搞不清楚小叮噹是他的或Hello Kitty才是他的,他以為粉紅色是女孩子的頻色,所以他一直用著小叮噹的嗽口杯。 原來,我們一直在無形間,做著親密的唇齒交流,可憐了Hello Kitty,擺在那兒沒人用,成了個裝飾品。



















他說得輕鬆,我卻鼻頭一陣酸楚。 我在意的,其實不是看什麼節目,管他行政院長、立法院長是誰,沒有他在身邊,看什麼都索然無味。










進一步了解之後,我才發現,他一直知道我在吃藥,或許是我哪次把藥隨便擱在化粧台上,被他看到了,他徹底了解我不想要孩子。 而他也知道,我吃完藥隔天會有水腫的現象,身子骨纖細的我,一雙腳腫得跟象腿一樣,也只有我這種人的鴕鳥心態,才會認為他不會發現。後來我養成習慣將藥好好放在抽屜中,他以為我不再吃,怕身子水腫難受,所以他戴起保險套,說來說去,還是為了我。

「妳又水腫了嗎?一直哭個不停,是想把身體裡的水逼出來嗎?」 他居然敢揶揄我,免不了得到我飽以老拳。

他還是想要孩子的,聽完我說想生孩子,他眼下興奮的光芒大大的告訴我這一點。 只不過,那抹光芒在閃爍之後隨即斂去,他又正襟危坐的問了我一個問題。



「只是因為無聊嗎?如果一個人在家無聊,妳想出去學東西、去工作、和朋友 去逛街,我不會阻撓妳。」


他開始說起那個四千兩百公克的巨嬰,原來那名女性朋友的經驗不僅嚇到我,也嚇到他了。 他不希望我生孩子還要受極大的痛苦,什麼剖腹產、自然產,他一點概念也沒有,只知道一定會很痛,他明白我怕痛,所以他捨棄了生孩子的想法。



「你這麼有精力,不是上班很累嗎?」 我狐疑他話裡的真實性。


在我像兩顆水蜜桃的雙眼略為消腫後,他催我換衣服,帶我出門。 已經好久沒和他一起出遊了,在兩人間的冷淡破冰後,坐在他身邊竟也給我當初戀愛的感覺。 我凝望著他專心駕駛的側臉,將他的動作姿態深深刻在心裡,因為我差點忘了,我和他之間還橫著一個問題,那張離婚協議書。

我要一輩子記住他的模樣,如果他最後仍是簽了名,可是,他應該不會簽吧! 否則,他何必和我討論生孩子的事。


海風迎面吹來,是淡水。 他也記得這個地方,這個我們記憶珍藏的地方。












可是 ……



這個意思是… …?













Some learning points from the story:

1) Men are indeed from Mars, speaking a different language...
2) Open communication is vital.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Simple Pleasures @ Ritz Carlton

Met up with some friends for a Christmas Tea-Appreciation Class yesterday afternoon. Yes, Christmas is early. Maybe it's the infamous Singapore Kiasu Syndrome at work here. We were at Ritz Carlton where a German guy talked about Tea from China. Interesting. We sampled different kinds of teas and enjoyed the special Christmas pastries. Just look at the pictures and see for yourself. They look too pretty to be eaten!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jerome's 36th Birthday

Had wanted to celebrate Jerome's birthday by getting his parents & brother's family over for dinner last weekend. Jerome didn't want to, but his parents did come over for dinner on saturday evening & stayed overnight.

So we had a little celebration on own own last evening. I prepared steaks (my 1st attempt, so that's a special meal :P) & made a durain cake for him. I'm glad that he loved his durain cake :)

Happy 36th Birthday!

Jerome was the one who started cooking for me when we were dating. Remembered we were together for less than 1 month when he cooked a proper meal (3 dishes & 1 soup) to celebrate my birthday at his place. He was staying on his own then, so cooking became a survival skill for him. I was so touched & impressed. I also felt ashamed that I can't cook. So I decided then that I should start picking up my cooking skills.

Jerome is actually quite easy to please. He can be satisfied & happy with a simple meal of porridge & canned food. He's been my pillar of strength & I'm really blessed to have found him or found by him :) He's my darling, my husband, my boyfriend, my lover, my husband, my best friend, my teacher, my banker, my boss, my man, my food taster, my handyman, my driver, my encourager, my shoulder to cry on, my everything ...

He's so many things to me... He brought out the best in me...
And he's really the main reason why...
Life's good!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mum's Birthday...

Baba, Mama & Birthday Cake...

It was a crazy Sunday, was busy almost the entire day preparing for Mum's birthday.
Baked the cake on Saturday morning and decorated it on Sunday morning. Think it's the most beautiful cake I've created so far :) Actually, this is only the 2nd birthday cake that I've attempted. The 1st one was for my sister, SY, whose birthday was a fortnight ago.

Been quite some time since we have people over for dinner, so spent a bit of time cleaning up the house...

Spent over 2hrs preparing dinner at the kitchen for 5 dishes & a soup with a lot of help from hubby who helped with most of the washing up. He questioned why none of my sisters suggested coming over to help... I said it's okay, if they want to help, they'll ask. If not, it's okay. I'm manage... but of course with his help :)

Finally, with everything cooked, & no major accidents, everyone was full of praises for the meal that I've prepared. Mum & dad were clearly impressed. Dad was telling everyone that I never used to cook, but now I've made a lot of improvements.

When I brought out the birthday cake, everyone was further impressed...
My youngest sis, SL: You made this??? It look better than those sold outside...
Mum was almost grinning and it's apparent that she's very pleased with her birthday cake :)

After dinner, fruits & cake, we sat in front of the TV, drank tea & watched F1. A great evening spent with the family....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Perfect Lunch...

Hb had a craving for fried chicken, so I prepare Nasi Lemak for lunch. I gave him a bigger portion... He had 4 fried chicken mid wings, 1 had 3. I think I must have overcooked the chicken wings a little. Anyway, as usual, I waited for him to take the first bite & waited for his 'appraisal'.

After taking the first bite of his chicken wing, it was apparent he liked it. He had all kinds of expressions, just trying to prove his point. He thinks he's on a show promoting food :) Of course, he stole another wing from me so that he could have 5, leaving me with 2. After I finished my 2 wings, he moved his plate to the other corner of the table & eyed me suspiciously, afraid that I might 'steal' back my wing.

And just to play safe, like a dog, he has marked his property... He took up the wing & licked it, just so that I will find it disgusting enough and so not want the wing. Man! How childish can u get? He's just being silly :)

Finally, after cleaning up the plate, short of licking it clean, he thanked me...

HB: Fantastic! Thank You! Very Good! But tomorrow, I need something light for lunch. Bee hoon soup is good.
Me: But tomorrow is Saturday, my off day leh! I'm on 5-days work week!

Lol :) The weekend is here!

Perfection is Subjective...

Perfect- adj., without faults or defects...

Nobody is perfect. I'm not perfect. Life is not perfect.
Once you can accept the fact,
it's easier to accept people as they are.
It's easier to accept yourself for being who you are.
Don't have to envy others for what they have, how they look, how they live...
The same person you envy could be envying your life too...

Look at all that u have. Be contented.
Love yourself more.
You will enjoy life more.

If you look, you will find faults. Definitely. Don't even have to look too hard....
It's easy to fall into the trap of complaining about life, complaining about this & that...
It doesn't help to change the situation. It could make matters worse.

Look at the positive side, the bright side.
Take on a more positive attitude. That will definitely help in a lot of ways. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A New Day! A New Beginning!

It's a beautiful day! A new day! To explore & learn & do something new! It's totally yours to decide how to spend it meaningfully. It's exciting! When was the last time you did something for the first time? I'm going to have an adventure today! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Yap, we've heard this often enough. "Laughter is the best medicine." Research has also shown it has positive effects on our health. Laughing clubs/events are held so that people can just laugh out loud. So when was the last time you laugh out loud?

I'm glad my hubby always manages to make me laugh everyday. Yap, everyday. Is it normal? Or is it just us? He's always up to some mischief, behaving just like a little kid, but he never fails to make me laugh. I think our neighbours must have thought that we are crazy, always laughing :P

So is it normal? Laughing everyday? I've forgotten what it was like not to be laughing away...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Be Happy by Bossini

Was on my way home after marketing this morning when I walked by Bossini & saw that they're having "Happy Prices" for their Polo-Ts. So got myself a few "Happy" items :)

Campbell's glass bowl & Be Happy Spoon :)
My soup will surely taste even better in this bowl. Mmm... Yummy!
Happy soup by happy chef, in a happy bowl with a happy spoon :)))
And the man who eats from it must also be a happy man :)
Uplifting T-shirts working like Magic to make the World a Better Place...
"Heal the world, make it a better place, for you & for me & the entire human race..."

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Amazing Human Spirit- Nick Vujicic

It takes that little 'extra' for anyone to be 'extraordinary'. Some people have that very much extra that make them really extraordinary. We can look at these people who can really inspire us in our own lives. Nick Vujicic is one such man.

When you fall, how do you get up on your feet again? But how can we do it without the aid of our limbs? A lot of the things and routines that we do daily, like walking, brushing our teeth, etc, we take them for granted. Imagine a life without the use of your limbs... How do you get around? How to answer the telephone? Swiming? Fishing? Eating? Seems mission impossible without using any of our limbs?

Nick Vujicic is born without any limbs. Nick Vujicic can do whatever we can! In fact, he has accomplished more! He didn't have a miracle & suddenly grow new limbs. He is the miracle! He's able to overcome his physical challenges & do a lot of these physical things that may seem impossible for a guy without limbs. And he has gone even further to be a motivational speaker & touch the lives of people around the world who have met him. Meet him today & see for yourself.

"Be inspired. Be challenged. To be more than you can be in life."
Life's not perfect, but it's still good!

Nick's official Website:

You-Tube Videos:

"No Arms, No Legs, No Worries"

If he can do it, so can us. If he can be happy, why can't you?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's All About Timing...

This morning after doing my marketing, I stopped by Watson & finally got myself a box of pregnancy test kit. My menses is very late & have been keeping my fingers crossed, hoping for some good news. Came home & realized that I didn't need to use the kit at all... My hopes are crushed... again...

My DH comforted me, saying that it's okay, at least he still has my undivided attention. He's still going to be my big baby. Life's still good.

Well, at least I didn't have to waste a test kit again. The last time, tested negative & menses came the next day.

Life's not perfect, but it's still good. Will make some butter cookies later. If I can't make a bb now, I can still make some cookies :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dance Like Noone's Watching

We convince ourselves that life will be better after we get married, have a baby, then another.
Then we are frustrated that the kids aren't old enough and we'll be more content when they are.
After that we're frustrated that we have teenagers to deal with.
We will certainly be happy when they are out of that stage.
We tell ourselves that our life will be complete when our spouse gets his or her act together, when we get a nicer car, are able to go on a nice vacation, when we retire.

The truth is, there's no better time to be happy than right now.
If not now ... when?

Your life will always be filled with challenges.
It's best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Alfred D Souza ...
"For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin.
But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid.
Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life.
"This perspective has helped me to see that there is no way to happiness.
Happiness is the way.
So, treasure every moment that you have.
And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special,
special enough to spend your time ...
and remember that time waits for no one ...

So stop waiting...
until you finish school ...
until you go back to school ...
until you lose ten pounds ...
until you gain ten pounds ...
until you have kids ...
until your kids leave the house ...
until you start work ...
until you retire ...
until you get married ...
until you get divorced ...
until Friday night ...
until Sunday morning ...
until you get a new car or home ...
until your car or home is paid off ...
until the first or fifteenth ...
until your song comes on ...
until you've had a drink ...
until you've sobered up ...
until you die ...
until you are born again...
to decide that there is no better time than right now to be happy ...
Happiness is a journey ... not a destination!!

Author: Crystal Boyd, 1998
In the book "Midnight Muse"

Thought for the day:
"Work like you don't need money,
Love like you've never been hurt,
And dance like no one's watching."

An old Irish Proverb

The Miracle of Life

Yes, we're all born champions! We are all lucky winners! The fastest or luckiest sperm with the perfect timing fertilizes the ovum & hence the miracle of a new life. The fertilization process takes less than an 1hr.

The probability of getting pregant for a married couple within a year is only 20%. Even after that, it's not the end of the story. Miscarriages can often happen in the 1st trimester. There are always other risks link to the pregnancy. But to cut the whole story short, what I'm trying to say is that against all odds, we're borned.

Don't take life for granted! Celebrate life! Spend it wisely the way you deem fit cos it's your life. Life's too short & precious to be wasted on feeling unhappy. So be happy everyday! :)

For everyone, be thankful that u're born & be filial to your parents. Don't let your parents worry too much about you cos they will always do...

For parents with children, spend quality time with your children.
Give your children a chance to enjoy life as a child & teach them well.
Why wait for the teachers to discipline your child? It's your child, not theirs.

An infertile couple wishes for a child.
Parents with a handicapped child hopes that their child is born normal.
Some may even regret having the child...
The parents with a normal child hopes that their child excels in this & that.
& the story goes on...
U get the idea?

If you have it, life's good!
If you don't have it, life's also good!
Be happy with what you have or don't :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

About Being Contented

It's about being happy with whatever you have...
It's about making the best out of whatever you have.

A man born without legs hopes for a pair of legs.
The man without shoes hopes for a pair of slippers.
The man wearing a pair of slippers hopes for a pair of nice shoes.
The woman with a pair of shoes hopes for more pairs of shoes.
Then of course, there's one who goes on to owning over 6000 pairs of shoes...
Even if she wears a different pair everyday, it'll take her 16 years to wear all of them at least once!

Yes, we women all know about this. Just look at the pairs of shoes we have outside the house, in the shoe cabinet, under the bed, some still with price tags... This used to be me, but not anymore... I'm happy with what I have. I buy new shoes if I NEED them.

The shoe analogy is just one. We're always looking for more, better & latest...

The homeless man looks for a shelter.
The man with a shelter wants a home.
The man who lives in a 3-room flat wants a bigger flat.
The one who lives in an executive flats want to upgrade to a condominium.
The one who live in a condominium wants a penthouse/ landed bangalow...
When u're there, what do you want then?

Just like the games in Facebook. You work, you earn, you expand. You work harder, you earn more, you expand bigger. So when does it end? When will you be truly happy?

So what after u've got them? I wonder... cos it simply makes us happy in different way, making us feel contented for a little while & then we go in search for the next contentment level...
It seems like we're in a constant search of contentment & happiness... So life is a constant search about contentment & happiness?

For now, I'm happy with my simple homemaker's life...
Experimenting in my kitchen, blogging & playing games on FB :P, & with my DH 24-7 :)
Contented with life ... Of course, I seek to cook more dishes & bake better...
There's always still something to look forward to...
Boring Life? Well, it's just me & I'm happy :)

Birth of Blog "Life's Good"

Have been thinking of creating a new blog (other than blogging about food :P) for the past few weeks. Just want another space to voice my thoughts & experiences. Life's been good & I really want to count my blessings. It's about the simple pleasures, life in general & about not taking things for granted.
Yes, if you want the beautiful rainbow, you need to put up with the rain. In the first place, the rain is not a bad thing. It norishes & give life. And after the rain, there's a beautiful rainbow.
Likewise in life, we often face challenges & difficulties, life's not totally smooth-sailing. These make life all the more interesting and we grow from all these challenges.

The following are my basic beliefs:
"If you want the rainbow, you need to put up with the rain..."
"When a door closes, another door will open..." Just look for another better door!
"What doesn't kill you will make you stronger..."
"There's a time and place for everything..."
"It could be worse!"
"It could be a bessing in disguise..."
"Smile & be happy..." A smile is free & it lights up the face!
"Stay positive!"