Friday, September 30, 2011

Stay Positive!!!

When i went for the pregnancy blood test this morning, i told the nurse to call my hubby regarding the results. Told her jokingly that i can't take the excitement. Before the test. Hubby and I already had a good talk. Regardless of results, we'll stay positive. If we fail this 1st round of IVF, we'll go book ourselves a nice holiday for Dec hols to celebrate our anniversary. So when we got home, I read the papers and began looking at the tour packages- my consolation prize.

At 3pm, the call finally came. Hubby talked to her in the study while I lazed on the couch, dunno what to expect. Finally, hubby put down the phone and came running out, exclaiming, "I'm going to be a father." The HCG level is 182! IT's a BFP!!! We were crying and hugging each other. It's too good to be true!

However, there's a need to repeat the blood test on Monday to check that the HCG level is I guess that's when they can really confirm the pregnancy. So guess, another round of waiting & anticipation...

But for now, I can say I'm pregnant! Gonna tok to my babies now :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

IVF#1 @2WW

Now at home on the couch with 2 feet up. A fren's advice after she had successfully conceived her beautiful daughter after her 1st IVF cycle was to bed/couch rest during this 2weeks. Had finished watching an entire Korean period drama series, surfed the net, joined an on-line forum for IVF support group, read half a book, enjoying life (while hubby's cooking & cleaning the house) or rather feeling bored... Hence decided that I shall blog about my TTC & IVF journey so far.

2010- Seen Dr K Loi at Kk who precribed 6 cycles of clomid.
Did HSG and clear test. Hubby also cleared sperm test.
Feb 2011-Seen Dr Sadana who prescribed Letrozole.
Decided to go for IVF.
17 June 2011- first appointment to see Dr Loh at KK clinic D.
1st ultrasound found that I had small ovaries and ovarian reserves could be low. Relieved and depressed at the same time that Dr was finally able to find a problem. But does this problem arise from all the ovulation drugs that I've taken before? The 2 previous drs did ultrasounds for me too but never report any abnormalities. But felt that I'm now in good hands. We were referred to ivf clinic & booked our ivf counseling session for July. Next appointment to see is right before the counseling session.
23 June- Blood test for AMH, FSH, LH, E2 & Prolactin
27 July- 2nd appointment to see Dr Loh at Clinic D.
He reviewed results of the blood test and said it's okay to proceed with IVF for next AF cycle.
Hubby & I took blood tests for HIV, Hep. B, VDRL, Rubella & Hep C
After lunch, we returned to IVF centre to officially register for IVF, briefed by the nurse about the costs involved (9-11k before subsidy), then briefed by a Dr about the entire IVF procedure. I've got a prescription for Microgynon tablet- a contraceptive pill meant to regulate my AF.
That day, parking fees at Kk is over $10. Imagine the number of hours we spent there. A long day at Kk.

Aug -Sept 2011: IVF

Stage 1: On OCP before suppression of body's natural release of hormones
Aug 3- D1-AF reports- calls KKIVF
Aug 4- D2- starts Oral Contraceptive pills Microgynon x 21 days
Aug 18- D16- starts daily Lucrin injection
Aug 28- AF reports again and cleared up just in time for...
Sept 1- Baseline Ultrasound and blood test.

Stage 2- Stimulation of the ovaries to produce follicles containing the eggs
Sept 2- starts daily puregon pen injection (200iu). Continues with Lucrin injections.
Sept 9- 1st ultrasound to check size of follicles. Dr reviewed and got another dosage for 2 puregon injections.
Sept 10- 2nd scan to check follicle size.

Stage 3: Maturation of eggs(oocyctes) recovery.
Sept 11- 8.30pm Pregnyl injection at KK 24hrs O&G.Stop Lucrin & puregon injection.

Stage 4: Egg retrieval and fertilization
Sept 13- Egg Retrieval under GA while hubby collected sperm sample.
Woke up before the entire procedure was over and could feel prodding and pain.
Retrieved 18 eggs which I thought was a good number. Recovered pretty quickly post ER and had Macdonalds for lunch. For the 1st time, I had hot Milo to go with my meal.
Felt bloated and could see obvious bulge at tummy. Manageable cramps.

Stage 5: Embryos Transfer
Sept 15- blood test to check for risk of OHSS.
2 embryos were transferred back while hubby was in room watching. A pretty amazing moment. A photograph of the embryos transferred was given. The 2 little ones that I hope are growing well within me now.

Pregnancy support- 2 tablets of utrogestan(100mg) insertion 3 times daily.
Sept 21- Blood test for progesterone levels.

Sept 30- Blood test BHCG to test for pregnancy.

After all the visits to the Drs, Kk, medication, jabs, blood tests & scans, cant believe how time flies. So now, I'm just playing the waiting game and keeping my fingers and toes crossed like so many others.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thanks for sharing!

A reader shared her IVF experience at this timely moment. Thank you for the encouragement! The following is what she shared:

I think I came here through your recipe blog. Just wanted to say that I have a 6y.o and boy and on girl 2.5y.o who wer all conceived through IVF.

The thing is conceiving through IVf gives you the same chance as someone conceiving naturally...basically 1 in 4 chance. Even naturally, you don't expect to get pg in your first attempt.

I have lost count of how many fresh and frozen cycles I endured. It was disappointment after disappointment but I knew it was just a numbers game.

But I hope you will be successful on your first attempt!

for me

ttc #1 IVF bfn, FET, bfn, IVF bfp (3 attempts and totaly of 6 embryos tfx and 1 implanted)

ttc#2 can't remember how many IVFs and FETs but eventually we manage to conceive twins through a fresh IVF cycle.