Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dad's Pregnant Too

Borrowed this book from the library for Hubby to read. Perfect for preparing him for this exciting journey. The book is cleverly put together including personal experience of expectant fathers. The constant message is for men to try to better understand what we are going through and useful tips are given for survival during this period. I read the book myself and found it quite funny. Highly recommended!

There's also a website just for dads

Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's A BFP!

This morning went for my 2nd Beta Blood test. The nurse called early at around 11am with the results. It's a definite BFP! HCG levels raised to 502mIU/mL from last Friday of 182mIU/mL. A home pregnancy test(HPT)can pick out 25mIU/mL.

Jerome congratulated me for being pregnant and I congratulated him for being pregnant too. Just borrowed a guide book "Dad's Pregnant Too" from the library on Sat just for him- a funny survival guide book just right for him. :)

So I'm now 4 weeks & 6 days pregnant based on the Egg retrieval (ER) date. The baby or rather the fetus is still microscopic. By week 5, it will grow into a small raisin. How amazing to imagine that this is taking place right now in my tummy!

My 1st scan to look at the baby will be on 21st Oct. By then, we should be able to hear the heartbeat & see the little fellow. 21st Oct seems such a long time away!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Stay Positive!!!

When i went for the pregnancy blood test this morning, i told the nurse to call my hubby regarding the results. Told her jokingly that i can't take the excitement. Before the test. Hubby and I already had a good talk. Regardless of results, we'll stay positive. If we fail this 1st round of IVF, we'll go book ourselves a nice holiday for Dec hols to celebrate our anniversary. So when we got home, I read the papers and began looking at the tour packages- my consolation prize.

At 3pm, the call finally came. Hubby talked to her in the study while I lazed on the couch, dunno what to expect. Finally, hubby put down the phone and came running out, exclaiming, "I'm going to be a father." The HCG level is 182! IT's a BFP!!! We were crying and hugging each other. It's too good to be true!

However, there's a need to repeat the blood test on Monday to check that the HCG level is I guess that's when they can really confirm the pregnancy. So guess, another round of waiting & anticipation...

But for now, I can say I'm pregnant! Gonna tok to my babies now :)