Monday, July 11, 2011

Do You Remember Me?

I'm now back teaching in school for the past 3 weeks. And "Do you remember me?"  is the question that I'm been asked almost everyday in school. Ex-pupils will come up to me, greet me and ask me this question. I remember most of them. But sometimes, I look at their faces and I really can't remember who they are but obviously they remember me.

Just yesterday, a P6 girl came up to me and asked me the same question. I looked at her and her name tag but I honestly don't remember having taught her. She explained that I had once read a story to her in the school library when she was in P2, that was 4 years back. I almost asked her which story. Silly me :P

I'd like to think I've indeed made a difference and that's why they remember me. I like it when children sees me, waves to me and calls me. I do remember my days back in school when I will purposely avoid certain teachers who crossed my paths. I'm glad I'm not a teacher the children normally avoid.

I'm not the best teacher but I'm certain I'm one of the better ones. I try my best and I believe I touch lives and make a positive difference!